I Love Music: The Janet Jackson Edition.

Janet Jackson. Image: wikipedia.

Janet Jackson‘s music is like comfort food; you go back to it when you’re bored with what is trendy, and you want to experience what is uplifting and what you are certain you will enjoy.

I have enjoyed Janet Jackson’s music throughout my lifetime and I have come to appreciate her relevance as a ground-breaking entertainer as I’ve grown older.

5 reasons why I am a Janet Jackson fan:

  1. She has made a respectable career for herself which sets her apart from her famous brother and family.
  2. She is a fantastic dancer.
  3. She can deliver either uptempo, dance-worthy songs or mellow, mid-tempo songs.
  4. When she smiles in her music videos, it hints at mischief behind her generally sultry public persona.
  5. She is a good actress.

A few of my favourite Janet Jackson songs are

What have you done for me lately.

Scream (with Micheal Jackson).

I get lonely.

Anytime, anyplace.

Together again.

Got till it’s gone.

All for you.


Doesn’t really matter.

Love will never do without you.

That’s the way love goes.

Someone to call my lover.


Just a little while.


What’s it gonna be (with Busta Rhymes.

Are there any Janet Jackson fans out there?!

Thanks for reading.

***All videos are from Youtube***

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