‘Sister, Sister’, a story for The Naked Convos.

I wrote a short story for The Naked Convos as part of their 'Christmas At The Johnson's' series.   Chief Johnson has invited his family members to spend a weekend with him during the Christmas holiday. None of them know why they have been summoned, and the story of how the weekend progresses is told... Continue Reading →

Poem: Feeling Stuck.

Invisible walls, Unseen chains. You push and pull, But it’s all in vain. _____________________ Frustration builds, It starts to choke. The future you planned, Now seems like a hoax. _____________________ You try to run, But there’s lead in your feet. Your lungs deflate, You want to retreat. _____________________ You clench your fists, And spit out... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series. Household Chores: Making A Mess of Being Tidy.

The conversation is usually the same. I would be in the salon braiding my hair, when the manicurist would approach me. ‘Aunty, will you do your nails today?’ I would then think about the plates and pots which I would have to wash after cooking later that day, and reply with a sigh, ‘No thanks,... Continue Reading →

Poem: I Will Shine.

I am walking a thin line, Between my truth and my decline. _____________________ I want to go for what is mine, But how can I be sure that all will be fine? _____________________ I want a good life, With good food-but without the wine, Peace of mind, And wisdom Blowing through me Like a turbine.... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Beginning.

When I see him crouch to tie up his shoes, My heart weeps, It starts to sing the blues, Because it means that his Departure is imminent, though I wish that His presence was permanent. I sense that he knows that I am staring, So I make a show of not caring. I start to... Continue Reading →

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