Poem: What You Say.

You say that I intimidate you. That the sight of me leaves you without a clue. My shoulders are too straight, My head is held up too high, You say that I walk like I own the sky. But. Would you rather I shrunk, and made myself very small, So that you can pick me... Continue Reading →

Classically Ivy: Get To Know Me In 25 Questions!

Hey, Everyone! I recently stumbled upon this post by blogger Megan Has OCD and I really enjoyed reading her responses! This inspired me and I felt that it would be a nice way for readers of this blog to know a little more about me. Please read my responses to the 25 Questions About Me... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series. 5 Items A Nigerian Woman Must Have In Her Handbag.

We love our clichés in Nigeria; ‘to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed’ and ‘a stich in time saves nine’ are two of my favourites. As a Nigerian woman, however, I have found that when leaving my house for work, or to see a movie, or for any occasion, it is very important that I... Continue Reading →

A Little Post About Treating Yourself.

Hey, Everyone!       I recently treated myself to a trip to Coventry (my happy place!) with visits to Birmingham and London. I attended Stylist Live (which had a wonderful session on writing) and just spent the rest of the time writing and relaxing.   I hadn't left Nigeria (or even Abuja) in over... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series No.1: 3 Hair Phases I Have Gone Through As A Nigerian Woman.

  The phenomenon that is the Nigerian woman’s hair could be likened to balancing a basket of jewels on top of one’s head. Nigerian hair is wonderful. It is precious. It is beautiful to look at. It is at your own peril if you touch it without permission. (Seriously though, please do not touch a... Continue Reading →

Poem: Write Now.

  Write often, Write now, So the world will know What you are about. 📝 Write slowly, Write fast, Write the thoughts That you cannot say with your mouth. 📝 Right now, The world might Bring you down, But do not fret, Just write now. 📝 Write, so that the pain subsides, Write, so that... Continue Reading →

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