Poem: Awe.

  You are in awe of me,   But somehow,   You have made awe sound   Like a dirty thing.   Your awe is like air,   Empty,   With no depth.   It translates to love,   That is clumsy and inept.   Your awe make your eyes shine   At the sight... Continue Reading →

Poem: New Love.

Hey, New Love ❤️ ❄️ Pieces of me Are scattered all over The kitchen floor. ❄️ From where I broke down. ❄️ Slowly, one by one, They will crawl back together ❄️ Emboldened by the Passage of time. ❄️ And the healing that comes With it. ❄️ I will get there, eventually, When the memories... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: My Favourite Songs By Female Rappers.

  What makes a good Rap Song? I would say it would be a mix of the following: 1. Intelligent lyrics and word play. 2. Bragging. 3. A catchy beat. 4. Bragging. 5. Lots of talk about bling. 6. Bragging. 7. Sending threatening words to real or imagined haters. 8. Bragging. 9. Innuendo/Double entendres/Vulgar lyrics... Continue Reading →

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