Poem: Back.


Way back,

When you were the

Spring in my step,


And our love seemed to have

such depth,


I was full,

A fool who thought that

I would never lack,

Even all of the times

that you attacked,


My mind and my mannerisms,

My aura and everthing that seemed,


To make me shine

And make me whole,


You instead pushed me down

into a hole.


Back then,

I thought that I should try again,

To do all my best to regain,

The kind of love you gave to me,

Even though my pain was clear

For all to see.


Years later,

You say ‘come back’,

When the best view I ever had

Was watching your back,

retreat as you walked away,


Allowing me to regain

All I ever lacked.


Written by

© Ivie Mary Eke 2017.



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