I Love Music: The ‘Born To Do It’ by Craig David Edition.


Craig David. Image: discogs.com


Hey, Everyone!


A long time ago, back in the early 2000s, people used to buy music on these things called Compact Discs/CDs and played music from these CDs in devices called CD players.


It was a magical time.


‘Born To Do It’, the first album released by British Musician Craig David, was a show-stopper.


Who was this guy with the well-carved beard and beautiful voice singing RnB music with catchy lyrics and unique melodies? This album was wonderful because it was one where I can say that I liked 95% of the songs , which is not something I can say about a lot of albums.


5 Reasons Why I Loved Craig David:

  1. Despite the fact that he apparently spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME crafting, shaping and perfecting his beard, I didn’t mind looking at him. The designer beard added to his allure.


2. He really enjoyed wearing wool hats, no matter the weather.


3. His music videos were entertaining to watch.


4. He really loved his hand gestures, which served to emphasise his emotions.


5. Of course, he has amazing vocal abilities. Whether the song was a dance track or a ballad, his delivery was always very nice and pleasing to the ears.


My favourite songs from ‘Born To Do It’ are

Fill Me In.


7 Days

Last Night

Walking Away

Time To Party

Booty Man

Once In A Lifetime.


Are there any Craig David fans out there?


Thanks for reading!

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