I Love Music: The Sisqo/Dru Hill Edition.


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Hey, Everyone!


Let me be honest with you: When I think of the RnB Group, Dru Hill, only one person comes to mind: Sisqo. Is it a good or a bad sign when the lead vocalist of a singing group captures your attention to the extent that you have no idea what the other group members are called?


(At least with Destiny’s Child, I knew the names of the two other members aside from Beyonce, namely Kelly and Michelle. Wait, what where the names of the other two in the original line up? And then there was yet another lady who left after a short while…I’ll have to consult google).


Anyway, here are 5 reasons why I am a fan of Sisqo/Drull Hill:

  1. I first became a fan of Dru Hill in the mid-1990s when I watched the video of their song, Tell Me. They had a solid string of hits which were a mix of soulful ballads and dance-worthy songs.


Okay, now on to the Sisqo portion of this list.


2. Here’s a fact: Sisqo is a great vocalist.


Here’s another fact: Sisqo does not understand the concept of ‘toning things down’ when singing as part of a group.




His is the only voice I could ever identify in any of Dru Hill’s songs. When I heard that he had released his first solo albulm, ‘Unleash The Dragon’ in 1999, I was not suprised.


3. Sisqo is mostly known for his infamous song, titled ‘Thong song’. Yes, He sang a song about thongs. He also basically sang the same verse twice, and then recited it once. No one noticed, we were all captivated by his (excessive) vocals.


And what vocals they were. They just kept going on and on and on, which would have been great, but…he was singing about thongs. Oh well.


Fun fact: One of my first, really short posts on this blog was about Sisqo; you can read it here.


4. Sisqo’s videos were always fun and full of energy, and he always found an excuse to do backflips to solidify this point.


5. Dru Hill and Sisqo’s songs remain timeless RnB music classics.


Dru Hill Songs:

Tell Me.

In my bed.

In my bed (So So Def remix).

How deep is your love.

You are everything.

We’re not making love no more.

5 steps.


Sisqo Songs:

Thong song.

Thong song remix (featuring Foxy Brown).


Unleash the dragon.

Got to get it.

Dance for me.

Can I live.


Are there any Sisqo/Dru Hill fans out there?


P.S I heard that there is a 2017 version of ‘Thong song’ out right now. I am yet to watch/listen to it.


Written by

©Ivie M. Eke 2017.


***All videos are from youtube***


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