9 Lessons I’ve Learned From British Television.

  Hey, Everyone!     I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria in the 1980s and the local TV station (NTA 2 Channel 5!) aired a lot of British TV shows alongside indegenous shows, so I have a great fondness for British Television!     Please click here to read 9 lessons which I have learned... Continue Reading →

You Love Me.

You know you love me- Yes you do! I see in your eyes, The struggle within you. Sometimes my moods are black, But my love for you is true. Please, stop sulking, And give me a kiss or two. Let's celebrate our love, With some plantains and stew. Written by ©Ivie M. Eke 2017

Short Story: Nanny Duties (Part 1).

  ‘In this evening’s headlines, it has been 100 days since the President has been receiving treatment in London for an undisclosed illness…A former Minister of Health has been taken into custody by the EFCC for corruption offences…’ The radio presenter’s voice droned on from the cab’s radio as the driver drove badly through Abuja... Continue Reading →

Living This Life.

This thing called life That is so full of strife, Do we hold on to knives, Or pull God close to our sides? Thunder and lightening assail us. Stress makes us want to Get on a bus To a place where we could Celebrate wins with no loss, A place that is safe, Where people... Continue Reading →


I have dreamt of you: That I clawed at your face, Whilst you begged for mercy. I delighted in it, The thought that I could hurt you, Just as you hurt me. I licked my lips, The vengeance I would have gotten Seemed so tasty. I shook my head, The resentful woman in the mirror... Continue Reading →

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