5 Essays By My Favourite Writers.

Caitlin Moran. image: stylist.co.uk

Hey, Everyone!


Recently, I was scribbling in my writing journal (as I usually do) about everything and nothing in particular. After a while, my mind wondered (as it usually does) to the kind of books/essays/articles which I enjoy reading, the writers of those articles and why I enjoy reading the work of those writers.


I narrowed down my list to 5 writers who inspire me with their intelligence, wit, boldness and creative talent.


I am someone who enjoys reading for pure pleasure, and I know that if I see the names of the writers below on a masthead or on the cover of a book, the odds are that I would enjoy reading what they have written.


Please enjoy reading these essays by the following writers:


1. Bim Adewunmi: 300 Words A Day.

2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Our ‘Africa’ Lenses.

3. Seffi Atta: One Or The Other.

4. Lucy Mangan: ‘I am an introvert, always have been’.

5. Caitlin Moran: Caitlin Moran’s New World Order.

Happy reading!


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