I Love Music: The Mary J. Blige Edition.


Image: wikipedia.com


Mary J. Blige is an American RnB singer whose first albulm, ‘What’s The 411?’ was released in 1992.


5 Reasons Why I’m A Mary J. Blige Fan:

  1. Her vocals are top-notch and could put you in either an upbeat mood or a melancholy state of mind (which are quintisential effects of RnB music).
  2. The video for her song, ‘Family Affair’ featured Dr. Dre (the hardcore and generally angry-looking Rapper) dancing…and even smiling. Miracles do happen.


Dr. Dre. Image: Pinterest.


3. She was the queen of blonde and red wigs long before Beyonce made her presence known on the music scene.

4. I remember watching a very candid interview of hers years ago where she said that she’d had to make a deliberate effort to change her circle of friends and acquiantances because they were toxic and encouraged negativity in her life. This has resonated deeply with me up till this day.

5. Even though I generally enjoy her music from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Mary J. Blige’s music from any era embodies the core of rhythm and blues which shape classic RnB songs.


My favourite Mary J. Blige songs are:

Real Love.


-I’m going Down.

-Not Gonna Cry.

-No More Drama.

-Family Affair.

One (with U2).

-As (with George Michael).

911 (with Wyclef Jean).

-Be Without You.

-Just Fine.

-All That I Can Say.


Are there any Mary J. Blige fans out there? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading.




***All videos are from Youtube***







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