A day in the life of a Nigerian with trust issues

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It’s Monday morning.

You wake up with a smug smile on your face. There is artificial darkness all around you as NEPA has kept the electricity to itself. This fact does not dampen your mood as you had already ironed clothes for the week two days ago.

You go to the bathroom and open the tap-a few drops of water trickle out and eventually stops after five seconds. You shrug this offbecause you remembered to store water in buckets, bowls and tea spoons the night before; all you have to do now is have your bath at lightning speed to combat the early morning cold.

You put on your makeup with the glow of your fully charged rechargeable lamp since you are still engulfed in darkness.

When you get to work,your colleagues complain that there is no water in the dispenser as you sip water from your flask which you…

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