Nail Polish.

Do you paint her nails,

Like you used to paint mine?

Tell me,

I want to know.

Are you straightforward with her,

As clear as a top coat?

Or are you vague and opaque

Like a deep hue from Sally Henson?

Are you fluid with your emotions with her,

Like a brand new nail polish?

Or are you tedious, brittle and dry,

Like a nail polish that wasn’t properly closed?

Are you just one colour with her,

An easygoing shade of beige?

Or do you radiate shades of black and blue,

Like you did with me?

Do you treat her with care,

Like freshly painted nails?

Or do you treat her with the afterthought of week-old polish,

The way you treated me?

Tell me,

I want to know.

Written by

©Ivie M. Eke 2017 

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