Family: Different Shapes, Same Values.

  Hey, Everyone!   I recently wrote a post for The Naked Convos about what family means to me.   You can read it over here.   Please don't forget to share, like and leave your comments after reading.   Thank you!   P.S I am working on something which I hope to share with... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Commitment Issues.

  2016 was a very significant year for me:   I wrote on Classically Ivy throughout the year. I wrote for different blogs and websites. I read poetry for audiences on three different occasions. I read books about writing and took some online classes as well. I learned a lot about social media utilization, and... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Wyclef Jean Edition.

    Wyclef Jean is a Haitian-American Musician. I first became aware of him in the early 1990s when he was a member of the Hip Hop group, The Fugees along with Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel.   By the time he released his debut album, The Carnival, in 1997, I was already a big... Continue Reading →

It Was Just A Crush.

  In retrospect, The jokes weren't even that funny, In fact, now that I think about them, They were really just so corny.   Every utterance, Every word that was spoken, Seemed filled with light, Able to heal what had been broken.   The slightest touch, Seemed to awaken my senses, And made me long... Continue Reading →

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