A Field of Flowers.



I am in a big field of flowers,

Illuminated brightly by the sunshine,

I walk through it, barefoot,

As I am joyful that he is now mine.


The stones on the ground pinch my feet,

But I do not really mind,

I focus rather on thoughts of him,

And on how he is just so kind.


A cool breeze blows over me,

I feel it brush past my skin,

I stare up at the sky and wonder,

‘Why did it take so long to find him?’


The scent of the flowers fills my lungs,

I inhale, and smile at the sweet smell,

I think about how nicely he treats me,

And about how he knows me so well.


I pluck some flowers that I see,

They make a very pretty bunch,

I know that they will make him smile,

They will show that I love him very much.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.


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