Short Story: Kama Sutra.


There was a thud as he landed on the floor.

She rolled her eyes and stifled her laughter.

‘My back!’ He groaned.

‘Hmmm, sorry dear. Are you alright?’ She tried to infuse as much concern into her voice as she could. She sat up, pulling the bed covers over her bare chest.

‘No, I’m not alright!’ he whined, eyeing her warily from where he sat on the floor as he rubbed his back.

‘But…you said we should try new things…’

‘Not by trying to kill me!’ The pitch of his voice had risen now.

His eyes darted around as he tried to pinpoint the location of his clothes.

She sighed.

‘You were the one who said that our love-making was getting boring’ she began, ‘so I stopped by the bookshop after work yesterday and bought us this book’.

She reached into her bed side drawer and drew out a book the size of an encyclopedia. It was bright red with ‘Kama Sutra for Beginners’ written on its front in large white letters.

She dropped the book on the bed, and it seemed to sink into the covers because of its weight.

He stared at the book with eyes now wide with terror and stared back at her. She returned his gaze with an expectant expression.

‘I feel like I don’t know you anymore’ he muttered. He was dressing up quickly as he spoke and was trying to button up his shirt with very shaky hands.

‘Wait-are you leaving?’

‘Yes…I have to, ermmm…get up early for work tomorrow’. He was putting on his sneakers as he spoke.

‘Oh, okay. I’m sorry about your back, darling’. He mumbled something incomprehensible and walked briskly out of her apartment, slamming the door behind him.

She had never seen him walk so fast in the two years they had been together.

Frustrated, she picked up the book and put it back into the drawer.

She shook her head as she wondered what would have happened if she had bought ‘Advanced Kama Sutra’.

As she dozed off, it occurred to her that the next day was Saturday.

He didn’t work on Saturdays.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.


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