Fly Through Your Clouds.

I have always admired people who seem to have unending reserves of energy and drive. They seem to have an internal motivation switch which is permanently set to the ‘on’ position.


‘How do they do this?’ I often asked myself.

I have now realized that the moment I stop expecting my walk through this world to be like everyone else’s would be the beginning of my own enlightenment.

I recently made a return journey from Abuja to Lagos by air.


I spent my in-flight time studying the clouds in the sky.
Can I stop here briefly to mention how much I love clouds?

Clouds are awesome. They are like magical pillows in the sky.

Anyway, during each flight, I observed how we flew above the clouds at cruising altitude, where there was hardly any bump in the journey.

However, to get to our destination, we had to begin our descent by passing through the clouds.

The clouds which had looked fluffy and harmless from a distance became a source of turbulence, and the fasten seatbelt signs were switched on so that we could brace ourselves for the discomfort that comes with your plane bouncing up and down in the sky.

Each time we landed, I understood what I had heard several times before: that your success at any task has to be deliberate, and that when you know where your destination is, you will face all obstacles which come your way with unwavering determination.

The results may vary, but generally, success is deliberate.

What happens, however, when the destination appears unknown? How can success be achieved when you do not even know how to define the success?

Nigeria is celebrating 56 years of independence today. I am a Nigerian, so my default setting when I hear that Independence Day is around the corner is ‘yassssss a public holiday-no work!!!’.

However, as I type this post on my iPad in artificial darkness due to yet another power cut, I wonder what parameters the President would use to define Nigeria’s success.

As a political scientist, I could lead a discussion about this issue with the requisite tedious terminology thrown in for good measure. The discussion would ultimately lead to shrugged shoulders and unanswered questions.

As a weary but hopeful Nigerian, I will just have to define my own success, and create my own kind of motivation-prayers, meditation, mental kicks-to power through and achieve my goals.

Maybe my success will also be a success for Nigeria.

I don’t know.

I have my own journey ahead of me.

I have my own clouds to think about.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria 🇳🇬


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.

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