I Love Music: The Brandy Edition.


Photo: genius.com

Brandy Norwood (known by her stage name, Brandy), is an American RnB singer and songwriter.

The first Brandy song I ever knew (which is still a favourite of mine) was ‘I wanna be down’ , which was released in 1994.

Brandy’s music remains relevant when I think about contemporary RnB music, and I have enjoyed watching her perform as an actress as well, especially in the TV series, Moesha.



Brandy in the music video for ‘The Boy is mine’. photo: un-ruly.com




photo: herinterest.com



photo: pinterest.com


Aside from her music, I am a big fan of Brandy’s sense of style, especially when it comes to her hair and makeup. Braids never looked so good!


My favourite Brandy songs are:

I wanna be down.

I wanna be down (remix feat. MC Lyte, Yoyo and Queen Latifah).


The boy is mine (feat. Monica).

Almost doesn’t count.


Top of the world (feat. Mase).

U don’t know me.

Talk about our love (feat. Kanye West).

Another day in Paradise (feat. Ray J).


Have you ever.

Best friend.


Thanks for reading!

© Ivie M. Eke 2016.


***All videos are from youtube.com***

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