3 Topics Which Inspire My Writing Process.


  1. Poetry: Everyday ocurrences. 

Let me first state that when it comes to poetry, it would have been very very very very very easy to dedicate this blog to the tortured misery of past relationships.

I could have inundated you with long, rambling and sad poems which would make you to burst into tears every day, much to the alarm of your family/friends/coworkers.

However, since I want to uplift people, rather than deflate them, I try very hard to expand on the themes of my poems. I might write some sad poems once in a while, but I also write poems about makeuppower cuts and other Nigerian frustrations, my phone, and my love for books.


2. Short Stories: The ghosts of past relationships. 

So far, all of the short stories which I have written have been inspired by my dating experiences and those of friends and acquaintances as well.

I have found that we humans, as jaded as we are, like a good love story. This realization has shaped the stories which I have published on this blog.

They say that you should write what you know, so I have written a lot of stories from the female character’s perspective (although in ‘The first date’  and ‘When you wake up’ series, I wrote from both the male and female characters’ perspectives).

I am however working on stories which have little to do with romance, which I will put up on the blog soon.


3. Essays/articles:  Living in Nigeria and life in general: 
I have had the opportunity to write for other platforms, where I tried to balance the target audience’s needs with my own unique perspective.

Before I wrote for those websites/blogs, I did some research on articles already published on those websites, and was also guided by their specific requirements (word count, structure, tone of language, and so on).

Examples of some of my articles include Covert allies: A tale of Nigeria’s secret feminists.

Household chores: Making a mess of being tidy

and 5 lessons I learned from my Secondary School days.

Ultimately, I try to write what I would want to read, and what I hope others would enjoy reading as well.

What inspires your own writing process?


Thanks for reading!


© Ivie M. Eke 2016.


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