Writing Your Feelings.

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A writer who is depressed.


A writer struggling with personal issues.


A writer trying to find some meaning in this world.


Do these sound familiar?


I can relate to all of the above issues. The writing process for me serves several purposes: it gives my life a focus, it conjours up colours when my outlook seems bland, and it makes me feel anchored.


The things which I have experienced recently-broken relationships and the death of a friend-really made me question my worth and my state of mind.


In life, there are bound to be lows in the midst of highs. So, while I am making so much progress in my writing journey, I still feel very disconnected about several things: I haven’t slept properly or worked out since my friend died in March this year. I will take ownership of this situation and try to remedy it, so that my physical health doesn’t suffer.


I just wanted to give some insight on how much value I attach to writing in general and this blog in particular. I have so many writing goals which I hope to achieve, and I pray that they all come to pass.


For now though, the significance of this blog to me as a means of self-expression cannot be overemphasized.


As always, thanks for reading.



Classically Ivy.



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