The Cracks Tell A Story.

the cracks
If you looked at me very closely,
You would probably still see some cracks,
But they signify all that I have gained,
Rather than anything which one might think I lack.


I have experienced some situations,
Which left me broken into several pieces,
The pieces were like a dropped magic lamp,
No longer able to grant all my wishes.


I did the very best that I could,
To put the pieces back in the right way,
But I found that I was not very happy,
That I was no longer feeling okay.


So I sought for inspiration to figure out,
How best to achieve my reinvention,
And I was pleasantly surprised at my progress,
I was now a brand new creation.


Even though some cracks still remain,
They tell the tale of my success,
Of how I was able to transform myself,
From a mere mortal to a dazzling goddess.


© Ivie M. Eke 2016.

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