New book alert – Looking for myself and my phone charger

Hey Everyone!

I’m so thankful to the good people at The Sparkle Writers Hub for spreading the news about my Ebook. Please head over to their blog to read more about it. Thank you!



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Hey Sparkle Writers! We just love to showcase the works of awesome writers. Today, we have a new book to introduce to you. It’s an eBook called β€˜Looking for myself and my phone chargerβ€˜ and it is a collection of poetry which is a journey in self-exploration.

Written byIvie Eke, the eBook explores deep themes such as love, remorse, the breakdown of relationships, the impact of words, frustrations of the Nigerian citizen towards the nation and self-acceptance. It also takes a look at the material things people surround themselves with that add colour to their lives – shoes, books, makeup and technology.

There are 34 four poems in the collection and it is broken into four parts to make it easy for the reader to digest. You can purchase a copy of the eBook fromOkada Booksand do leave a review when you read it.

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