My First Poetry Collection Is Available On Okada Books!

Hey everyone!


I’m very pleased to announce that I have published my first collection of poetry titled ‘Looking for myself and my phone charger’. It is a mix of poems which I have featured on my blog, and others which are brand new.


I spent a lot of time researching Ebook publishing options, and I have opted to publish it via Okada Books, a Nigerian book reading app which is accessible worldwide. The poetry collection goes for NGN 100 (One hundred Naira only) or its equivalent (approximately $0.35 or £0.28, depending on the day’s rate).


The photo above shows the platforms through which Okada Books is available (Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon Apps and Blackberry); it will become available on iOS in due course.


Simply download the app on your device, search for the book title, pay, and download the book. Okada books accepts all major payment cards, and readers in Nigeria can even pay from their Etisalat mobile phone lines. You can read more about this on their FAQ page.


I don’t think I can put into words how excited I am right now. Recently I have been fulfilling dreams which I didn’t even know I had, and this poetry collection is one of many.


Please buy a copy, share this post with your friends and family, and tell everyone you know to be flexible with their dreams.


Thank you.



2 thoughts on “My First Poetry Collection Is Available On Okada Books!

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  1. Hey this is really nice_ I get how excited u must be_ when I was published in a newspaper I was all overly excited and now I also want to publish a book also_ I’ll check out Okada surely_ and I must commend the title relatively simple, hilarious, and makes one curious_ I shall want to see what u’ve penned down in there_ N100 is a very fair price, well done. I’m not one to read a book, like it & not recommend it_ I shall do so_ because I’m also a writer and our dream is for more people to read our works and also make some cash_ lol_ Kudos _

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