I Love Music: The ‘Evolution’ by Boyz 2 Men Edition.

Photo: fanart.tv

‘Evolution’ is an RnB album released by the American quartet (later trio), Boyz 2 Men in 1997.

It was one of the first CDs I ever purchased with my own money, and an album where I actually enjoy 97% of the songs.

The lyrics, the melodies and their fantastic harmonies on this album makes it, in my opinion, one of Boyz 2 Men’s best albums.

Choosing a favourite song from this album would be very tough for me; it would probably be a tie between ‘A song for Mama’, ‘Baby C’mon’, ‘Can you stand the rain’ or ‘4 seasons of loneliness’.

I’ve included links to some of the songs below-enjoy!

Track List:

  1. Doin’ just fine
  2. Never.
  3. 4 seasons of loneliness.
  4. Girl in the life magazine.
  5. A song for Mama.
  6. Can you stand the rain.
  7. Can’t let her go.
  8. Baby C’mon.
  9. Come on.
  10. All night long.
  11. Human.
  12. To the limit.
  13. Dear God.

***All videos are from youtube.com***

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