One Day.


one day


One day, you will sit and ponder about what it all meant.

One day, you will be baffled and furrow your brow in puzzlement.


One day, you will recall those things which made you question your discernment.

One day, you will marvel at past hurts and wonder where they all went.


One day, you will notice that the road is straight and no longer bent.

One day, you will feel all the frustrations deep within start to relent.


One day, your joy will be full, and you will believe that it is heaven sent.

One day, you will feel a calmness start to cover you, like a big tent.


One day, you will realize that you have let go of the past and every resentment.

One day, you will have a big smile, and enjoy bountiful contentment.


© Ivie M. Eke 2016



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