Guest Poetry: Before I Jump.

My younger brother, Paul, writes poetry when he has some free time from his busy schedule as a Medical Doctor.

Please read and enjoy!




Before I leap into the great beyond

That never ending fall,

Remember me

My memory says it all


Before I travel through the atmosphere

A ghost of space and time

Remember me

Forgive me for my crime


I have cried till my tears turned to blood

I have buried all my fears in the mud

Over the precipice I go, all alone

Like a meteor, the falling heart of stone


I have loved you

I have loved you


When your father turned me down, I still loved you

When he beat me to the ground, I still loved you

When the world upset my plan, still I loved you

When you found another man, still I loved you


Before I take that jump and fly away

From all the hurt and pain

Remember me

And go down memory lane


Please remember me

Please remember me


Loving you was all that made me glad

Leaving you like this makes me sad

Before I go, I hope you won’t feel bad

Forgive me dear, I think I killed your dad…


By Eghosasere Paul Eke

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