Pushing On.

pushing on

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I am pushing the boundaries of my intelligence,

To seek out new realms of my resourcefulness,

To create more avenues for lasting sustenance,

So that later on, when I sit and reminisce,

I will say that I was proud to have lived life like this.

To have been an agent of love, joy and even peace,

To be one who elicits desire, hope and even bliss,

I pray that this drive in me will be constant and never cease,

As I work to give my life this new found lease,

I pray that my good fortune would continue to increase.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016


About Classically Ivy

I write poetry, short stories and essays on www.classicallyivy.com-happy reading!
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2 Responses to Pushing On.

  1. Osa says:

    I thought I had a favorite poem from you but this has toppled every other I liked previously. Keep it coming. I sense a book coming soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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