Two Poems About My Love For Books.

Hello everyone,

Please see the two poems below which I read at the Book Swap Event in Abuja this week. I hope you enjoy them!

a journey of a lifetime

A Journey Of A Lifetime

Give me a book,

So that I can see the world.

I want to go on a journey,

Without leaving my home.

Let each page I turn surprise me.

I want to know what people are thinking about.

I want to feel a wave of emotions

With each completed paragraph.

Let the words make my heart soar with joy, or beat faster with trepidation, or beat slowly with sadness,

I want to explore the world,

I want relatable stories or implausible scenarios,

Give me life,

Give me a book,

And I will be a forever traveler,

On a journey

Which I would never want to come to an end.

Give me joy.

Give me a book.

fun. wehearit

My Book, My Best Friend.

There might be no electricity to light up my TV screen,
But a book,
A book would always light up my imagination.


The walk to school might be long, and the path full of stones,
But a book,
A book would always clear my mind and inspire me.


There might be a shortage of water, and I would have to take my bucket to the communal tap,
But a book,
A book would always quench my thirst for adventure and escapades.


There might be friends, who tease me and even say unkind things to me,
But a book,
A book would always comfort me and put a smile on my face.


There might be times when living in my country would make me feel sad and dampen my spirits,
But a book,
A book would always lift up my heart and make me hopeful for the future.


Both poems written by
©Ivie M. Eke 2016.


  1. Both poems express your absolute love for reading, but in addition, the second poem also highlights the daily rigours of life in an underdeveloped country. I love them

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Honest and open words from a brilliant writer, inspirational and uplifting. Definitely worth opening a book for

    Liked by 1 person

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