A Poetry Reading To Remember!

I'm very happy to say that I had my first poetry reading yesterday, and it was wonderful. This took place at the Lyght Investments Group book swap event here in Abuja. Lyght Investments decided that as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, they would equip schools in Abuja's rural communities with books for their libraries... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Love Dilemma.

Hey everyone! I entered a short story of mine in a writing competition today. The title of the story is 'A Love Dilemma'. I entered it in the Access Bank Nigeria W Community writing challenge; please read the story here. Kindly like and share the story after reading. This weekend has been a tough one; a... Continue Reading →

Education: WAEC, JAMB and all that jazz-Part 2.

   Read part 1 here! The lop-sidedness of my grades continued when I (finally) got admission into the university (thank you JAMB!). I didn't like the course I was given admission for (Political Science and Education) and spent the first two years trying to change course to something that seemed more sensible to me at... Continue Reading →

You Always Know.

That moment... When the stars align. That moment... When it all feels fine. That moment... When your chest's about to burst. That moment... When you're filled with stardust. That moment... When you try to deny it. That moment... When your forgotten heart starts to beat. That moment... When you can't stop smiling. That moment... When... Continue Reading →

Aim Higher.

Why settle for breadcrumbs? You could aspire to own the bakery. Why settle for a small glass of water? You could aspire to dance in the waterfall. Why settle for the dim light made by fireflies? You could aspire to have a colourful fireworks display. Why settle for a teaspoon of honey? You could aspire... Continue Reading →

Shola: Love for the heartbreaker.

It was a cool Sunday evening in Abuja. Shola and her mother, Mrs Olatunji, where sitting in the living room, sharing what Shola had assumed was companionable silence. 'Your brother and Mimi are having a small get-together to celebrate baby Mirabelle's first birthday', said Shola's mum. 'Hmm', replied Shola absentmindedly, as she typed in her... Continue Reading →

Gently, Gently.

  Gently, gently. That's the pattern of your walk. Somewhat deceptive to the casual onlooker, Who assumes that you can't even talk.   Softly, softly. That's the timbre of your voice. You could speak louder if you choose to, But you rarely exercise that choice.   Warmly, warmly. That's how you try to treat people.... Continue Reading →

Musings of a KWF (Kanye West Fan).

I have been a Kanye West fan since I heard and watched the video of his song called 'Through The Wire' which was released back in 2004 (you can watch the video here: Kanye West-Through The Wire. ). Despite my concerns about his recent behaviour and utterances, I will choose to dwell on his positive... Continue Reading →

Being Nigerian: 3 Random Thoughts.

  Poor Customer Service (bank edition). Let me set the scene for you. You walk into a bank and make a beeline for the Customer Services desk. You meet a lady seated there; she is typing and staring at the screen of her computer. 'Good Morning', you say. 'Good Morning', she replies; her eyes never... Continue Reading →

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