A life imagined.

a life imagined
photo: weheartit.com

The imaginary life which I have often envisioned,
Is one bursting with colours and very sharp precision.

It is one full of random scenarios and different settings,
Which in reality would be absurd and so far from getting.

It is full of flowers and beaches and valleys,
And brims with more absurdity than anyone could carry.

There are often places that look vaguely familiar,
But which present themselves so differently and look very peculiar.

Often the things which play out are what I wish I had said,
Things which if given the chance, I would have done instead.

Here, I am bolder, more confident and more beautiful,
And I am less bothered about criticisms and things which aren’t fruitful.

All these imaginings are important and necessary,
To make reality more tolerable and less overbearing.

©Ivie M. Eke 2016

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