Daydreams: Valentine’s Day and Combat Boots.

Daydreaming. photo:


When I’m not too busy during the day, I often while away time by daydreaming. Sometimes I think about deep and meaningful things, like

• When will Nigeria be great again?
• What will I eat for dinner?
• How can I improve myself?
• When will NEPA bring the ‘light’?
• Will my mobile phone service provider call me to do another round of SIM card registration?

Other times, my thoughts are more random and very absurd.

I sometimes daydream about Valentine’s Days gone by, and what I must have done wrong in my past life to deserve such awful experiences. For instance, one guy I dated while in University told me that he didn’t think we had dated long enough for him to buy me a Valentine’s Day gift…so he didn’t give me any gift.

He of course collected the gift which I had bought for him.

In my daydream, I replay the scenario, and collect my gift from him…and I give him a knock on his head.


I have also daydreamed about wishing someone would owe me money, just so I could stand in front of the person’s house and sing ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ by Rihanna at the top of my voice with all the energy I have.

In this daydream, I am dressed in a ‘thug’ outfit for some reason-black bandana, dark shades, army camouflage jacket and trousers, black t-shirt and black combat boots.

They are very nice boots. The boots would be made from pure leather, and they would be well polished.

The debtor would look out of his window and be very alarmed at the sight of me. He would run out of his house clutching a bundle of cash, begging for my forgiveness for not paying me back sooner.

I enjoy this daydream, and for a while, I wish it would happen in real life…until I remember the reality that comes with being owed money:

• All the unnecessary stress and terrible frustration.
• The unreturned phone calls and messages.
• The general bad attitude of debtors, who conveniently forget about how they begged you to lend them money in the first place.

No, it’s not worth the trouble; not even for the awesome black shiny combat boots.

No, I will daydream about success instead, which would be more beneficial to me.

Afterwards, I would get up, work hard and make my dreams come true.




rihanna bbhmm
Rihanna 🙂 photo:

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