The first date (part 4): Finally.

It was Saturday morning, the day of the date, or ‘D-Day’ as Ade called it in his head. With the focus and determination of a Military General, Ade was up early that morning. He did his weekend routine of exercise, half-hearted house cleaning and laundry, after which he counted the minutes until it was 9am, when he felt it was an acceptable time to call Mimi.

He dialed her number once it was 9, and Mimi answered the phone on the second ring.

After exchanging morning greetings, Ade asked Mimi where she would like to go for their date. Without any hesitation, Mimi suggested that they should see a movie at the cinema in Central Area, which was fine with him. Mimi said that she had noticed the cinema’s website was down due to a system upgrade, so they couldn’t choose a movie until they got to the cinema. Ade didn’t mind; he just wanted to spend time with her and make up for their botched date the previous evening.

They agreed that Ade would pick her up by 2pm. ‘Alright, see you later!’ said Mimi, sounding amused. Ade closed his eyes after the call had ended. ‘Don’t mess this up’, he muttered to himself, and went into his room, wondering what outfit he could wear that would portray him as a ‘nice guy’.

Ade sighed and settled for blue jeans and a black polo-neck shirt, which he laid out on his bed. He checked the time on his watch: it was 9.30am.

He waited (impatiently) for the time of the date to draw closer.


Mimi stared at herself in the mirror.

She had been trying on different outfits for her date with Ade later that day. Her current choice of outfit was an off-the-shoulder paisley top with a denim pencil skirt. She felt that she looked nice, but was she trying to hard?

Mimi glanced at the pile of discarded outfits on her bed. She wondered why she was suddenly so nervous about the date. Maybe she liked Ade more than she realized, she mused.

In the end, Mimi settled for a more casual outfit of jeans and a top. She just wanted to be comfortable.

She looked at the time. It was 10am. She decided to make good use of the time by tidying up her room. The place looked like a clothes bomb had exploded in there.

Mimi couldn’t wait for it to be 2pm.


Shola called Mimi at about 11.15am.

‘Hey girl! What are you doing today-do you want to hang out?’ she asked. Mimi suddenly felt guilty; she had not mentioned that she was going out with Ade when she and Shola had spoken the night before.

‘Actually…I’m going out with Ade this afternoon’, Mimi replied.

‘Ohhhhhhh!!!! That’s wonderful! I knew you guys would work things out!Wait-why didn’t my brother tell me he was taking you out today? I have to call him now. Let me know how it goes, okay? Bye!!!’ said Shola, before she hung up.

Mimi laughed to herself; now she knew why she hadn’t told Shola about the date. Shola tended to get overexcited about things in general.

She waited for 2pm.


Ade was trying to pass the time waiting for 2pm by deleting unnecessary pictures from his phone when Shola called him.

‘Yes Madam, how can I help you?’, he asked with mock formality. ‘Very funny, bro’ Shola replied. ‘I hear you’re taking Mimi out today’, she added.

‘Yes, I’m taking her to see a movie’, Ade replied. ‘Good-please be on your best behaviour’, Shola said sternly. ‘Okay, I’ve heard you’, Ade retorted.

‘And don’t be late! Okay-bye bro!’ Shola said before ending the call.


Ade parked his car in front of Mimi’s house at 1.48pm-he had been slightly paranoid about being late and decided to err on the side of caution. He walked up to the front door and pressed the door bell. After a few moments, Mimi opened the door, looking radiant.

She was wearing a blue t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of blue and white sneakers. Ade was sure that Mimi was going for a casual look, but in his paranoid mind, she was dressed to flee at any sign of trouble.

Realizing that he had been staring, Ade cleared his throat. ‘Hey! You look great!’ he said. ‘Thanks, so do you’ Mimi replied with a smile.

They set off on their date.

When they got to the ticket counter of the cinema complex, Ade waited patiently as Mimi studied each movie poster, looking decidedly serious while doing so. He had said he wasn’t particular about what movie they saw; that the decision was hers to make.

‘Can we watch that one?’ Mimi asked, pointing at a movie poster with three women dressed in 18th century clothing who looked very sad. The movie was appropriately titled ‘The cries of the roses’.

Ade felt like crying himself.

‘Ermmmm…well…if that’s what you really want to watch…’ he started to say, until he heard giggling beside him. Ade looked at Mimi and saw that her eyes were full of mischief. She had been pulling his legs.

‘I’m joking-that movie looks depressing! Can we watch the James Bond movie-Spectre?’ Mimi asked, still in a fit of giggles. Ade smiled with great relief. ‘Of course’ he replied, and he paid for their tickets. They then went to buy overpriced popcorn and drinks at the concession stand.

Their movie was due to start soon, so they made their way to movie hall where ‘Spectre’ was showing. Mimi was still giggling when they showed the movie usher their tickets, making the young man regard her with a puzzled look.

As they walked towards their seats, Ade clutching the jumbo popcorn pack with his left arm,and Mimi holding their drinks in her right hand, he took her hand in his.

Mimi didn’t remove her hand.

Ade knew at that moment that the rest of the date would go well.

And it did.


Note: You can read parts 1-3 by clicking on the ‘short stories’ link under categories on the right side of this page.


  1. Finally! The first date! I was about to start issuing threats if a follow-up didn’t come soon enough. πŸ˜€ Okay. I enjoyed the story. And the suspense.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! The Cries Of The Roses! Mimi sef! I’m glad the date ended up going well. I still don’t trust Ade since he was deleting pics from his fone…we have our eyes on him! Beautiful stories from a very talented writer

    Liked by 1 person

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