The First Date (Part 3): Try Again?

try again ade

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Shola listened to Ade’s explanation of what had transpired on his ‘date’ with Mimi.

She was quiet for a few  moments.

Ade sighed. ‘What’s on your mind?’ he asked.

‘I think you should go back to her and explain what happened-that it was just a big misunderstanding’, said Shola.

‘Seriously??? That’s your advice? You didn’t see the look she gave me-no, I’m not doing that’, said Ade, shaking his head vehemently even though Shola couldn’t see him doing so over the phone.

‘She probably thought that you just wanted to sleep with her; did that cross your mind at all?’ Shola asked.

‘Why would she think that?’ Ade replied, now very perplexed. ‘You didn’t make it clear that you wanted to take a shower’, said Shola. ‘But she never gave me a chance!’, argued Ade.

Shola sighed. ‘Look bro, it’s your choice-but it wouldn’t take anything from you to try. I know Mimi can be quite intense, but she’s a nice person. Just think about it, okay?’, she appealed.

‘Fine’, said Ade, and they said their goodbyes.

He sat and brooded over his sister’s words for a few moments. Then he got up and went inside to take his much needed shower.


At about 9.45pm, Mimi was sitting in her living room, eating a bowl of ice cream and watching TV when the doorbell rang.

‘Who could that be?’ she wondered. She was trying to erase the memory of that evening’s events and just wanted to relax, eat ice cream and watch some EPL football-even though her team, Arsenal was losing, sadly.

The doorbell rang again. Mimi sighed. She switched off the TV, walked to the front door and looked through the peep hole.

She saw Ade standing on the front porch. Mimi was surprised, and wondered why he was at her house again. She looked down at her t-shirt, hoping that there was no ice cream stain on it. Satisfied that there was no stain, she opened the door.


When the front door opened, Ade half-expected Mimi to come at him with anger and insults. Instead, she just looked at him, in the cool, unwavering way that he was now accustomed to.

‘Hello’, said Mimi.

‘Hi’, he replied.

Ade noticed that Mimi had changed from her date outfit to grey jogging trousers and a black t-shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. He quickly lifted his gaze from her chest to her face-he did not want to be misunderstood  twice in one evening.

He said, ‘I just came to apologize for my actions today. I was badly in need of a shower and I should have just said so. I now realize how what I said to you could have been misunderstood. I know I’ve messed up tonight, but please give me a chance to make it up to you’.

Before Mimi could respond, he added: ‘How about tomorrow? I’ll even be on time-I promise’.

Mimi was quiet. Ade wished he could know what her thoughts were.

She sighed. ‘How about calling me tomorrow?’

‘Great! I’ll call you in the morning’, said Ade, hoping that his relief wasn’t too evident on his face.

Mimi smiled, and Ade felt an unexpected surge of joy at being responsible for her smile.

‘Good night-oh, Shola says you should please switch on your phone’ said Ade.

‘Oh, I forgot I did that; I will switch it on now’ Mimi responded.

They smiled at each other, and then Ade turned and walked to his car, while Mimi stepped back into the house and locked the front door.


‘Maybe he really is a nice guy’, thought Mimi, as she sat down on the sofa, finished her nearly-melted ice cream and switched on her phone.

She switched on the TV. Arsenal was still losing their match, but she found that she was smiling.

She didn’t mind anymore.


As Ade drove off, he could still see Mimi smiling at him in his mind’s eye. It made him smile.

He was still smiling when he got home.


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