The First Date (Part 2): A Misunderstanding.

a misunderstanding

***Read part 1 here: The First Date…The Only Date

‘Well, it appears that Mimi’s phone is switched off’, said Shola to Ade when she called him back. ‘What did you do to her?’ she asked him.

‘I didn’t do anything!’ Ade replied, and proceeded to explain to Shola the events which had led to the abrupt end of his date with her friend, Mimi.


Ade had got to know about Mimi through his younger sister Shola’s countless Facebook updates which he viewed with much bemusement while he lived in London. Ade admitted to himself  that he thought Mimi was very attractive, but she always looked so serious in her photos, and he noticed that she dressed nicely but conservatively-definitely not his type of woman.

Ade got a managerial job offer in Abuja which he felt was worth moving back home for, after working in the UK  banking sector for almost ten years. His parents threw him a welcome party some days after his arrival. It was there that he met Mimi for the first time.

He took it for granted that at age thirty-three, he was a catch. Shola often joked that he was a walking- cliché: tall, dark and handsome. He was therefore used to ladies smiling shyly at him and batting their eyelids in his direction in a come hither manner.

Mimi did neither of those things.

She looked directly at him, rarely breaking eye contact. She seemed to regard him with thinly-concealed amusement, like his good looks were comical.

Though he was slightly wary of her intense gaze, Ade found that he really enjoyed chatting with Mimi. She was interesting and funny, and asked him several questions about his new job as Deputy Manager of OakTree Mortgage Bank in Abuja. He left her after chatting for about thirty minutes to mingle with other guests at the party.

It was after the party that Ade realized that he had not asked Mimi for her number-the first time this had happened to him after chatting with an attractive woman.

He called his sister Shola the next morning, and asked her for Mimi’s number. ‘Hmmm…seems like the player’s game isn’t as strong as it used to be’ she quipped. Ade sighed; his sister could be a real pain at times. ‘You guys would make a cute couple, you know’ she added. Ade rolled his eyes. ‘Are you giving me her number or not?’ he asked Shola. ‘Jeez, calm down; I’ll text it to you now, okay?’.


Ade called Mimi in the evening of the same day. She didn’t seem surprised to hear from him. They began a phone-friendship, calling each other every few days to talk about trivial and intense topics, and Mimi would often tease him about his British accent, though Ade was certain that he had a ‘refined’ Nigerian accent.

This went on for about two months; Ade often traveled for work so he wasn’t always in town.

During this period, Shola kept giving him unsolicited information about how Mimi was single, how he and Mimi would have cute children, and how he and Mimi should name their first child after her. Ade told her that he would ask Mimi out when he was ready, and that she should look for someone else to disturb. Shola told him not to feel too special; that she was also pestering Mimi in the same way.

Ade soon decided that he wanted to spend time with Mimi, and he gave her a call during his lunch break on a Monday. ‘Are you free this Friday? I would love to take you out to dinner’ he asked. There was a slight pause on the line, after which Mimi asked, ‘What time?’. ‘6.30pm’ Ade replied. His closing time was 5pm, so he was certain that 6.30pm was very convenient for him. ‘Alright’, said Mimi, ‘see you then’, and she ended the call.

Ade stared at his phone long after his conversation with Mimi had ended. He wasn’t used to a woman not sounding overly excited to go on a date with him.

Ade was intrigued.


Ade was frustrated.

The internet connection at his office that Friday had just started working again after hours of downtime. The team which he supervised was now trying to catch up with the deadline for uploading the monthly reports on the office’s in-house database.

He glanced at his watch, and realized with shock that it was 7.30pm; he had completely forgotten about his date with Mimi.


Ade stood up abruptly from his desk, picked up his phone and sent Mimi a quick text message telling her that he was running late and on his way to her house. His sister Shola had often complained that she barely understood his ‘shorthand’ text messages, but he was certain Mimi would understand his message.

He gave his team necessary instructions and then left the office. He felt slightly guilty about abandoning his team, but was determined to have an enjoyable date with Mimi.

As Ade pulled up in front of Mimi’s house, he saw someone look out of one of the windows downstairs and return the curtain back to its former position. He sat in his car for a while, wishing that he had time to take a shower and freshen up.

When he saw that the front door did not open, he pressed his car horn several times. He then wondered if he should have walked to the front door to ring the bell. He was still thinking about this when the front door opened and Mimi stepped out of the house. She was wearing a pink long-sleeved top, blue jeans, black flat shoes and carried a black bag. Ade noticed with surprise that Mimi had a nice figure, and wondered how he had missed that detail. Her hair was in braids which she had tied at the back of her head, and she wore subtle makeup.

She looked lovely.

Ade watched Mimi as she locked the front door, walked to the  passenger side of his car, opened the door, sat down, and shut the door. She then turned to look at him.

He told her that he was sorry he was late and smiled while doing so, hoping that his smile looked genuine. Ade couldn’t tell from Mimi’s neutral expression if she was annoyed at being kept waiting. He suggested a restaurant to her for their date, and she said she was fine with it.

‘Great’, said Ade, and he winked at Mimi. ‘Why did I just wink? She’ll think I’m a psychopath’, he thought.

As they set off for their date, Ade suddenly felt tired. The tedious work day was beginning to take its toll on him. If only he could have a quick shower…he didn’t think Mimi would mind.

He broke the silence and asked Mimi if they could go to his place as it was closer to them than the restaurant.

‘No’, said Mimi.

The next thing Ade knew, Mimi was asking him to take her back home. He was speechless. He looked at her, trying to catch her gaze but she stared straight ahead, looking quite annoyed.

‘Please do not call me again’, she said, before stepping out of his car and walking into her house.

‘Wow’, thought Ade, as he drove back home. When he got home, he sat down on the sofa in his living room, all thoughts of a shower forgotten. He had called Shola just as he was leaving Mimi’s house and told her that Mimi had ended their date abruptly; Shola listened, and then said she would call Mimi immediately and call him back afterwards.

Ade sighed as he ended the call. He switched on the TV, only to see that the team which he supported in the English Premier League-Arsenal-was losing by two goals to zero to Manchester United.

He switched off the TV in annoyance.





  1. Hahahaha…lovely! What a misunderstanding! I actually feel sorry for both Ade and Mimi cos this story explains Ade’s apparent bad behaviour, but Mimi’s reaction was natural. Lovely story…except the part f Arsenal losing. Not funny…

    Liked by 1 person

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