Short Story: The First Date…The Only Date.

first date

Mimi sighed.

She checked the time on her watch again.

The time was 7.30pm. Ade had told her that he would pick her up for their date at 6.30pm.

She had been looking forward to the date but after one hour of waiting, her enthusiasm had started to decline.

Just as she contemplated what to do next, a text message came into her phone, lighting up its screen:

“Hi. Sry. Got bsy @ wrk. On my wy 2 ur hz”.

Mimi read the message a second time.

She sighed yet again.

The terrible grammar in the text message was enough to make her call Ade to cancel the date, but she restrained herself and decided to just give him a chance.

About ten minutes later, she heard a car pull into the driveway of her parents’ house. She looked out of the window and saw that it was indeed Ade siting in the driver’s seat of the black Honda car. She was glad that her parents were out of town; she wouldn’t have to deal with their scrutiny of her date that evening.

She picked up her hand bag, glanced at herself in the mirror hanging in the hallway, and then walked to the front door. She waited for the doorbell to ring, but nothing happened.

There was silence…until she heard the persistent honking from the car outside; the apparent signal that her date had arrived.

Mimi closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and forced a smile on her face.

She opened the front door, closed it and made sure that it was properly locked. She then walked the ten steps from her front door to her date’s car, opened the passenger door, sat down on the seat, and closed the door.

She then turned to look at him.

‘Hey baby, sorry I kept you waiting, just got held up at work’ said Ade, smiling at her with his handsome face in a way that suggested that he really wasn’t that sorry.

‘That’s fine’ said Mimi, even though it wasn’t really fine.

Ade was the older brother of her best friend, Shola. He had recently moved back into Abuja after living in London for about ten years, and Shola had thought he and Mimi would be a perfect match, hence the date.

Mimi was beginning to wonder if Shola really had good intentions for her well-being.

‘So, there’s this very nice restaurant in Maitama that I want to take you to-it’s called Passions’ he said.

Mimi forced herself to pay attention to what he was saying, instead of fantasizing about how best to get revenge on Shola. ‘Oh I’ve heard about it-it’s a nice restaurant’, she said.

‘Great!’ he said, and winked at her.

Mimi cringed inwardly.

He reversed his car and navigated it onto the main road. They settled into a companionable silence for a few minutes, until he said ‘You know what? Let me just take you to my place; it’s not too far from here…’

Mimi interrupted him. ‘No’.

‘No? Just like that?’ Ade asked, looking surprised.

‘Exactly like that. Please take me back home now’, said Mimi.

The look on her face did not encourage him to ask any more questions.

Ade had barely pulled the car to a complete stop in front of her parents’ house when she unclasped her seat-belt, picked up her bag and looked at him.

‘Please do not call me again’, she said to him.

Before he could respond, Mimi opened the passenger door, stepped out of the car and shut the door calmly.

She heard him drive off as she unlocked the front door and entered the house.

As she shut the door, she leaned against it and rubbed her eyes. As she pondered on what could have happened if she had gone with Ade to his place, her phone started to ring. She brought it out of her bag and looked at the screen. It was Shola, Ade’s sister, calling.

Mimi switched off her phone.


By: Ivie M. Eke


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  1. Hmmm…very intriguing, I’m resisting the urge to pass judgement until I read the next part. Nicely written, wonderful delivery…with the promise of more to come

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