TV Watching Habits: Comedies Or Dramas?

I usually watch TV looking for laughs; well-written, silly, fluffy comedy shows which make me double-up with laughter:


*The New Adventures of Old Christine.

*How I met your mother.

*Sex and the city.

However, sometimes I delve into the dark side to watch dramas. Shows that I watch episode after episode, marveling at the depravity of the main characters along the way but thanks to intelligent writing and storytelling, I just can’t stop watching:


*Breaking bad.

*House of cards.



*Orange is the new black.

Take ‘Girls’ for instance. It is a show with four major characters, all of whom I disliked in varying degrees throughout the time I watched the show. The show had it all: Bad decision-making. Terribly flawed people. Selfish people. Big-time assholes. Cringe-worthy scenarios.
I loved it!

Awesome television. Brilliant stuff.

Sometimes you want a comical escape through your tv shows. Other times, you want to be intrigued by tv shows with story-lines so absurd, so crazy and so frustrating that make you feel like your life is sane and wonderful.

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