When will enough be enough?
When will we know that we’re done?
When will we have our ‘aha!’ moment?
When will all our troubles be gone?

When will our dreams come true?
When will we reach the peak?
When will we experience contentment?
When will the future no longer be bleak?

When will we reach our destination?
When will we be fulfilled?
When will we feel elation?
When will our hearts be healed?

When will our frustrations fade away?
When will we know what is best?
When will our time finally come?
When will people stop making jest?

When will we know we have gotten there?
When will our discontent end?
When will our lives be worth something?
When will we look to God, our one true friend?


©Ivie M. Eke 2016.

Photo: weheartit.com

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