Rainbow of Feelings.


rainbows. photo: weheartit.com

Sometimes I feel red,

When I’m angry or cranky,

But then I take a moment to breathe,

And I embrace serenity instead.



Sometimes I feel orange,

Like the warm morning sun,

Feeling like I can achieve anything,

And I get this big surge of courage.



Sometimes I feel yellow,

Like I’m constantly meditating,

Doing yoga stretches and smiling,

And end up feeling so mellow.



Sometimes I feel green,

Like I’m at one with mother nature,

And I feel like I should run around a field,

Like a carefree young teen.



Sometimes I feel blue,

When sadness and heartbreaks happen,

But then I look for things to make me happy,

Like a lovely new pair of shoes.



Sometimes I feel indigo,

Like a movie star or a singer,

Someone who is dripping with diamonds,

But with a reasonably-sized ego.



Sometimes I feel violet,

Like I am competent and sensible,

Someone who people can always count on,

Whose great potential hasn’t even been discovered yet.



©Ivie M. Eke 2015


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