My Suspicions.

I’ve had my suspicions,

I just needed to get proof,

That I am a person of great beauty,

A fact which no one could refute.


So I set out to investigate,

To gain some deep insight,

I needed to gather evidence,

To support my so-called plight.


I sought for this truth,

In the eyes and in the thinking,

Of friends, and of loves,

But still something was lacking.


So I stopped my futile search,

And allowed myself to breathe,

But something great happened,

I felt suddenly at peace.


For it just so happens,

That the light which I sought,

Was right there within me,

Much brighter than I thought.


Illuminating me from within,

Like the sun behind soft clouds,

I walk now with my head up high,

My beauty propelling me in leaps and bounds.


©Ivie M. Eke 2015


  1. Welcome to self-awareness! It is not pride. It is appreciating yourself and liking who you are. Surely, growth will come and you will be surprised, when you look back, how far you have come. Have faith in God’s love and promise. And keep that smile!

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