Blogging Every Day In November-Lessons Learned.

1. I was worried that I would fail the challenge-what could I possibly find to blog about for thirty consecutive days? It turns out-a whole lot! There were days that I wrote several essays and poems, and had to restrain myself from posting all of them at once. Life happens, and I was able to get inspiration from different things happening around me.

2. Even when I had an experience that made me unhappy, I chose to turn the experience into something uplifting. I have written a few sad poems, but I have tried to make the majority of what I have written to be mood-lifting and thought-provoking.

3. I have gotten so much support from my family, close friends, not-so-close friends and even strangers, which I appreciate tremendously. I have gotten feedback regarding what they have enjoyed about the blog so far and ideas to make the blog stand out more; this has been interesting and insightful.

One person observed that I tend to write a lot of short posts. I agreed; it is often the case because
a. I feel the point I’m trying to make at the time needs only a few words, and
b. I don’t want people to doze off while reading the posts.

I look forward to doing more writing.

Hugs for everyone.

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