Apps for your cramps.


I’ve been told that if any woman truly remembered the pain she went through while giving birth to her first child, she would wait calmly for her husband to ‘approach’ her again, and then point a gun at him. ‘Baby 1 will be our only child’ or ‘We are adopting the next one; please leave me alone’, she would say. The husband would of course agree, and they would live happily ever after (the husband would however spend the duration of the marriage watching his back).


Menstruation is different in the sense that you don’t have enough time to forget and there’s generally not much you can do about it. It shows up every month, depending on your cycle. Menopause is too far off to contemplate, and one has to deal with this ‘visitor’ from your early teens until it decides to stop showing up in your forties or fifties.


An app to track your period helps, because at least you can be prepared to deal with it effectively. Once I take note that my period is close, I get everything I need ready: sanitary pads, hot water bottle, pain killers. I will always make an attempt to function properly during the 3-5 days when the period shows up. It is not always easy though: sometimes the pain is unbelievable.


Seriously, search for ‘period tracker’ in the App Store; a long list awaits you. People have given this a lot of thought.

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