Destination: Stress.


The loud drone of generators-there’s been yet another power failure.

Thank you NEPA, we can always count on you, for darkness and stress in equal measure.


The long queues at Petrol Stations, there’s yet another round of fuel scarcity.

Who do we blame, the petroleum marketers, or our good old NNPC?


The poor internet and network connections, all our money gone to waste.

Calling customer support will drain you of energy, after having so long to wait.


The unprofessional staff you meet at offices, who attend to you with such disdain.

They make you forget why you went over there, and you leave there feeling barely sane.


All these and more make one feel so frustrated, and want to jump ship to another place.

But for now, we’re still here and we must play our part,

So that inefficiency will not win the race.


©Ivie M. Eke 2015


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