When love goes wrong…
It consumes you.
It overwhelms you.
It shrinks you.
It devours you.

When love goes wrong,
oh my, what a sight.
There is cruelty and misery
where there was once delight.

When love goes wrong, it’s like a guest who refuses to leave,
Who mocks you and belittles you, and won’t allow you to grieve.

When love goes wrong, the sound of his voice is a mood killer,
The sight of his photos, the scent of his perfume, make you feel so bitter.

When love goes wrong, it is grotesque, like a punch to the gut,
You cry and you wonder, ‘love, why does it hurt so much?’

When love goes wrong, you think life is over, like there’s nothing good under the sun,
Then one day you wake up, you’re even able to smile,
You decide that your life must go on.

©Ivie M. Eke 2015



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