Nigerian Horror Story: Tailor Nightmares.

Tears of pain. photo:
Tears of pain. photo:

I don’t even…I can’t even…the trauma I’ve experienced under the hands of Nigerian tailors isn’t allowing me to finish some of my sentences.

We all have phrases which make us anxious. One of mine is the following phrase: ‘Hi Ivie, I would like to give you this aso-ebi fabric for XYZ event…’ My anxiety wouldn’t be about attending your event; my anxiety would be from the fact that I would have to seek out yet another tailor to sew the fabric, and pray that it wouldn’t be one who would frustrate me or make me want to pull out my hair in handfuls.

Is it the one that takes your measurements from head to toe, only for the clothes made to be either fit for a Barbie doll, or for a healthy elephant?

Or the one that sews a style that you did not choose, and justifies it by saying that he felt a more modest style would suit you better?

How about the ghost, who disappears on you for weeks and only produces your (badly) sewn clothes after several threats?

Or the ‘business mogul’, who charges you a price so ridiculous that you assume that the finished product should at least be red-carpet worthy…but it ends up being just mediocre at best?

I can’t even…what has been your experience with tailors?

Day 10 #nablopomo


  1. I remember giving this tailor at Ariaria market in Aba four shirts to sew for me. I told him that I will be going back to Unical in three weeks time. He assured me with 100% certainty that it will be ready. I paid him full payment of 1,200 Naira for the four shirts to avoid any long story. Twenty days later, I came back to Aba to pick up the shirts, it was around 5:30pm. To my utter dismay, this guy hasn’t even cut the shirts let alone sewing it, meanwhile I need those shirts to return to Calabar the next day.

    To add salt to injury, he said he will be closing by 6pm as he had “important function” to attend. I said ok. I left his shop and phoned my brother (he’s late now) he came with two other of his friends within 15 minutes. We locked him up inside his shop and stayed with him and made sure he finished sewing all the shirts that night.

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