Feeling Beautiful vs Outright Narcissism.

I am beautiful.

There, I’ve said it.

It has taken me years of deliberate self-affirmation to allow me to make that statement without doubling-up in laughter. Before now, beauty seemed like something that could only be attributed to a chosen few, like supermodels and entertainers.

Several self-help books, online articles and an improved sense of self-awareness have brought me to this point in my life where I can acknowledge my beauty.

Since I live in this age of technology, I have now developed a fondness for capturing my beauty in photographs. This is just a fancy way of saying that I love taking selfies!

I recently updated the operating system on my iPhone. After this, I noticed that the update meant that a photo album titled ‘selfies’ had been created in the picture app. It turned out that I had over 200 selfies. ‘Hmmm’, I thought. ‘That’s way too many photos!’

Years ago, I would only take photos as an afterthought, a process that involved having to seek out a photographer or at least someone with a good camera. Now, I take photos

• To check my makeup.
• To check my hair.
• To while away time at a boring event.
• To document life events.
• To admire myself when I’m feeling particularly gorgeous.

Does this make me a woman who has embraced technology and her beauty, or does this make me vain and full of myself?

I don’t know the answer to these questions. I just know that I’m due for another selfie 😛

One of my favourite selfies :)
One of my favourite selfies 🙂

day 4 #nablopomo


  1. You are beautiful! And there isn’t anything wrong with selfies- as long as it isn’t an addiction. 🙂 I also noticed the new folder when I updated my phone the other week, I have 7. hehe.

    I think as women, especially in the teenage years, feeling truly beautiful is a rare thing. I didn’t feel like I was pretty until I met my husband at 18. He has always made me feel beautiful. High School was a nightmare, though. Other girls and boys know that the best way to tease you is by making you feel ugly, and that hurts their self esteem in a huge way, even for years afterwards. Every girl needs to feel pretty!

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