Love song for my iPhone.


Not an IPhone. photo:


Oh, iPhone…

You wake me up with your blinking light.

As I say my prayers, I check you to keep in sight,

Of the happenings and messages I missed while asleep,

It often turns out that none of them were that deep.


You illuminate my path when NEPA ‘steals’ the light,

You play me soft music as I apply my makeup, heavy or light.

You showcase my beauty with selfies and filters,

You’re my work out companion as you note my exertions on your trackers.


When your screen broke I was heartbroken and despondent,

When I heard the price to repair you I shouted ‘what the…no way am I paying that!’

But I knew it was only a matter of time, that I would give in,

And paid the price for you to be restored,and to continue working.


So now I am more careful with you,

I guard you like a baby.

Will I eventually buy a new phone, an upgrade?

Hmm yes…probably…maybe.


©Ivie M. Eke 2015

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