Thoughts: It’s just food.

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We Nigerians love food!

Think about it. When we’re at a wedding and the food is served late, we become angry, hissing and wondering if the couple didn’t realize that we hadn’t eaten that day.

Or when a female child is told that the only way to a Nigerian man’s heart is food, so they need to know how to cook!

This food business is serious!

How about Mrs. Wife who says that she won’t cook for Mr. Husband anymore because she is a feminist…errm, what? Please, I beg you, cook the food. Are you not going to eat as well? Hunger is a human issue, feminism is a whole other issue.

As for you, Mr. Husband, if your wife is running late from work, please go to the kitchen, boil some water and make some Eba. And warm up some soup. Eat your food. Do that, instead of sitting in the parlor, waiting for your wife to come home, shaking one leg and breathing heavily from anger and hunger.

Neighbours passing would think your generator is switched on indoors, not knowing that the loud sound coming from your house and scaring children outside is just your tummy rumbling.

It’s just food. Seriously. Some people don’t have food to eat.

14 thoughts on “Thoughts: It’s just food.

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  1. Nice write up… Love the part of when people go to wedding and start getting upset.. As if the iv stated “please fast before you come to our wedding”

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    1. Typical male response! THAT was the only lesson he got from the entire piece..

      But he won’t have any smart comment to concur with the suggestion that the man just go into the kitchen and fix his own food, rather than starve to death while waiting for the “cook”
      to get home! MEN!!.


  2. Any man that waits on his wife to come and cook is not hungry, just looking to pick a fight. Great write up . Parents pls allow your male children to learn how to cook when ymthey are growing up.

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  3. Lol! I am guilty of the wedding one…. traditional weddings are particularly bad! The food takes ageeeeees!!!!!! They first bring kola nut and garden eggs with the groundnut thing!!!!! Like seriously how is that an appetizer😞

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  4. Yea,even when we sometimes know the food @d wedding reception may not go round(esp when you walk intosome weddings and behold the crowd!) you just want a taste of “wedding food”

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